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Shoulder Pain | Springfield MO

Shoulder pain is a common complaint and has numerous causes in Springfield MO.  The sooner you get the appropriate care, the faster you’ll start to feel better and be able to resume normal activities.  Also, shoulder pain can progress to becoming a recurrent and chronic problem if you don’t receive prompt appropriate care.

Who can use chiropractic treatments to stop shoulder pain?

  • Anyone who has shoulder pain persisting beyond a few days or reoccurs frequently (even if it seems to “fix itself”)
  • Anyone with inability to carry objects or use the arm
  • Anyone that gets shoulder pain during the night or while resting
  • Anyone with an injury that caused deformity of the joint, swelling or bruising, or has an inability to raise their arm

The best treatment of shoulder pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem.  In our office that may mean we will take x-rays or refer you for an MRI to determine the exact nature of your injury. Because shoulder pain can come from a number of sources (including referred pain from internal organs), our care plan may vary depending on your exact cause. Typically, we will use physical therapies in addition to chiropractic adjustments to help reduce your pain.  Our end goal with shoulder pain is to avoid creating a dependence on dangerous painkillers and help you naturally heal so you can enjoy everyday life.

If someone you know is suffering from shoulder pain in Springfield MO, let us know and our team at Meek Chiropractic will arrange for a complimentary consultation to address the symptoms.  Don’t let someone you care about rely on dangerous painkillers or lose day-to-day enjoyment as a result of a totally fixable problem!

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